As the year draws to a close and we begin to simultaneously look forward to the year ahead and reflect back on the year now coming to an end, it feels like the perfect time to launch our new Winter Menu. While our seasonal offerings often incorporate brand new culinary innovations from our Chef as well as highly anticipated perennial favorites, this season we are doing something a little bit different. Our Chef took the recipes for two popular past seasonal items and gave them a new twist to see if we could push each culinary concept even further.

Lemongrass Spring Roll Salad

Our new Lemongrass Spring Roll Salad took its inspiration from the Asian Spring Roll Salad we featured for a couple seasons last year. Both versions start with a bowl full of leafy and crunchy veggies as a base, but our new spin on it swaps out the peanut satay dressing for an addictive lighter lemongrass ginger concoction bursting with flavor. We also added fresh pineapple for pops of bright acidity, cashews for toasty crunch and protein, and avocado for a healthful creaminess.

K-Town BBQ Beef Sandwich

We’ve had a few Korean BBQ-inspired beef sandwiches over the years, and they are always a hit with our foodie guests. We think this one is the best yet! While spicy-sweet Korean gochujang (pronounced GO·​chu·​jahng) was a lesser known condiment when we first introduced it on our menu years ago, it’s now enjoying a much-deserved heyday on the culinary scene. In this sandwich we add it to our caramelized braised beef along with herb aioli and a spicy Asian pickled veggie slaw tossed with herbs and our own black pepper ranch, serving the whole thing up on a perfectly toasted sesame roll.


Order now and whichever one you choose, pair it with one of our warming winter soups for the perfect meal. After you enjoy your meal, don’t be shy! Give us a shout and let us know what you thought. Connect with us through our social media channels or by reaching out to [email protected]. Hearing from guests like you allows us to keep innovating our menu in all the right ways. EAT HAPPY!