We have the best job ever. Seriously! We get to wake up every morning, go to work together with our friends, create delicious food from ingredients we’re proud of, and serve it to a community we love.  We thought it couldn’t get any better…but then we got the opportunity to partner with Sweet Rose Creamery to bring their scratch-made artisan soft serve to our El Segundo location.  Best job ever + ice cream = mind blown!

Sweet Rose and Mendo Team

Starting today, when you visit the Mendocino Farms location at The Point in El Segundo, you can top off your Save Drake Farm’s Salad or “Not So Fried” Chicken sandwich with an exclusive Sweet Rose Creamery soft serve for dessert! Try the impossibly pure and creamy Milk Gelato, the juicy and fresh Farmers Market Peach Sorbet (bonus: it’s vegan!), or get your peaches-and-cream fix with a swirl of the two flavors together! Sweet Rose uses only the very best ingredients from trustworthy sources, including dairy from Clover Organic Farms, organic eggs from Chino Family Farms, and summer’s freshest hand-picked peaches from Regier Family Farms.

Soft Serve Trio

Sweet Rose does for ice cream what Mendo does for sandwiches and salads. Chef Shiho Yoshikawa tirelessly seeks out the best farmers market produce and most compelling flavor combinations to create some of the most unique, innovative, and exciting frozen desserts we’ve ever tasted. Even before dreaming up a partnership, Mendocino Farms Co-Founders Mario Del Pero and Ellen Chen were huge fans of Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan’s Rustic Canyon family of restaurants–and their kids were even bigger fans of Sweet Rose Creamery.

Sweet Rose Storefront

For quite a while, Mario and Ellen were harboring the crazy idea of bringing in soft serve as a new dessert option to complement the Mendo menu, but they couldn’t find a product on the market that met their expectations for quality and flavor. It was only worthwhile if they could find the right partner.

Seeking a truly artisan product and hoping to build a relationship with a brand that shared Mendo’s passion for supporting local farmers, by chance they learned that Sweet Rose was just developing a completely handcrafted soft serve that they made themselves in their Santa Monica kitchen–all the way down to pasteurizing their own organic dairy base. Outside of that one Santa Monica storefront, it wasn’t available anywhere else. Mendo’s culinary team took a trip to the West Side and all it took was one taste. It was a match made in foodie heaven!

Mendo and Sweet Rose

Come taste for yourself, exclusively at Mendocino Farms at The Point in El Segundo (840 S. Sepulveda Blvd.)!