On our quest to develop menu items that are healthier for our guests and for the planet, we unveiled our latest collaboration with Impossible earlier this year—a housemade, plant-based burger that our co-founder called “the best burger I’ve ever eaten” (and he has eaten A LOT). Following on the success of our Impossible Taco Salad (which quickly climbed the ranks to become our #2 bestselling item), the Impossible team reached out to us to partner for the launch of their “2.0” recipe, which has the same light environmental footprint as their original recipe but even more delicious flavor and health benefits, like 19g of high-quality protein, ZERO cholesterol, and 35% less fat than beef. Plus, the new recipe is now gluten-free and has 30% less sodium and 40% less saturated fat than before. Our guests have spoken—the burger is now our #8 bestselling menu item, and gaining popularity every day.

The fact that not one but TWO plant-based offerings now grace our “Top 10” is pretty astonishing, and it means that our guests are making less of an impact on the earth every time they choose to go meatless. Compared to beef, one serving of Impossible’s plant-based meat results in 96% less land use, 89% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and 87% less water use. Since we first started our partnership with Impossible, our guests have ordered 413,746 Taco Salads and 39,701 Burgers (and counting!). That equates to eliminating 2.3 million miles driven in a car, saving 51 million bottles-worth of water, and saving an amount of land equal to six Disneylands!

On our menu, our plant-based offerings fall into a category we call “Vegan For All!” We’re proud that The Impossible Taco Salad and The Impossible Burger Queen have both lived up to that name, becoming true crossovers that appeal broadly to vegans and omnivores alike. We know you care about what you put into your body, and about the impact your choices make on our earth. We’re here to support you, whether you choose to eat food made from plants or seek out ingredients from local sustainable farms. Thank you for joining us in making a difference with every bite!