The sun is out, and summer has (unofficially, at least) begun! With the perfect weather we have the pleasure of enjoying in Southern California, there is no shortage of opportunity to enjoy our meals outside, and Mendo has some great options to help you make the most of your alfresco dining adventures, wherever they may take you! Sandwiches are possibly the world’s most portable food, and our to-go salads are a close second! Call in an order at your local restaurant location for individual selections to pick up (or take advantage of our partners at DoorDash for delivery).

For a group, our catering options are available for pickup or delivery from our locations across SoCal and are a great way to please everyone — including those with food sensitivities or dietary restrictions, since we have plenty of vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options. We even have boxed lunches for the perfect portable meal! Make sure to download our full catering menu and check out our tips for throwing a great gathering. The dedicated Catering Specialists at each of our locations are always happy to answer questions and help you plan the perfect spread.

Boxed Lunches for Picnics with friends and family

If your outdoor gathering has a more festive vibe, you might consider our social catering options. Choose a gourmet meat and cheese board for your outing to the Cinespia movie screening or the Hollywood Bowl, or opt for our variety of skewers for an upscale soiree at the beach, without having to spend hours making them yourself!

Social Catering Picnic

If you need some inspiration for how to make the best of these longer days and get some great picnic inspiration, check out this list of 75 things to do around Los Angeles!

Enjoy the summer, and we’ll see you soon!