Mendocino Farms, the elevated fast-casual restaurant known for its innovative takes on classic sandwiches and salads, has joined forces with James Beard Award-winning Chef Tom Douglas for its newest culinary creation, the Sockeye Salmon Roll. The limited-time offering is available exclusively at Mendocino Farms’ South Lake Union and Rainier Square locations now through March 3. 

Douglas is best known in Seattle for combining deliciousness with graciousness, aligning with Mendocino Farms’ mission to make hearts and stomachs happy. This perfect pairing resulted in a mouthwatering celebration of salmon and sustainability, with $1 from every Sockeye Salmon Roll benefiting the Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group to help ensure a future for wild salmon. 

“Celebrating the vibrant flavors of the Pacific Northwest begins with responsible choices,” said Douglas. “In Seattle, we admire the beauty of salmon, not just for culinary enjoyment but as a symbol for our commitment to sustainability. We’re holding a promise to protect our waters and the incredible salmon that inhabit them.” 

Made with the most sustainable ingredients possible, the sandwich features Bristol Bay Wild Sockeye Salmon from Eva’s Wild, which returns 10% of profits to indigenous-led efforts that preserve vital salmon habitats. The salmon is seasoned with Chef Tom’s Rub With Love fish taco spice and roasted quickly in a high heat oven, to order.  Then it is stuffed into a buttered, toasted brioche “lobsta” roll, and topped with Cosmic Crisp apple-lime slaw, avocado, chipotle aioli, fresh mint, and fresh dill. 

“It was a joy and honor to collaborate with culinary legend Chef Tom Douglas to create this sandwich,” said Mendocino Farms’ Chef Jeremy Bringardner. “This is our first time ever featuring salmon on our menu, and we set out to create a sandwich that is not just exciting and delicious, but also reflects a deeper cause: to support sustainable fishing, which I know is something that is near and dear to Chef Tom’s heart.” 

After opening its first two locations in Seattle last year, Mendocino Farms remains committed to providing a gathering place for the local community to Eat Happy. This means supporting the causes that are important to its neighbors.  

Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group commented, “We work to get people around the Central Puget Sound involved in salmon restoration — whether that be volunteering to plant native trees, installing a rain garden in your yard, or buying a sandwich that supports our work.”