No, this isn’t an episode of “Cows Gone Wild”–we’re just spreading the news about our latest Chef’s Pick, the Short Rib Sunday Supper Trencher! So, what is a trencher, and why is it topless? Glad you asked! The trencher was actually one of the earliest ancestors of today’s sandwich. Ye olde foodies in medieval times would take their stale bread and dig out a “trench” in the middle to hold their entree–meat, vegetables, and whatnot. Diners of more modest means would finish their meal by eating the sauce-softened bread, but wealthy kings and queens would throw theirs to the dogs instead. (Those would be some lucky dogs if they were eating *this* trencher!)

Mendocino Farms Artisan BreadsIt was essentially the original open-faced sandwich, which is why, upon first glance, you might first think this sandwich is “topless.” Trust us though, this sandwich is so full of flavor it would blow the lid off anyway (if it had one). When Mendo’s Co-Founder Mario was growing up, his Italian-American family would gather for big Sunday meals that were a combination of lunch and dinner, dubbed “Sunday Supper.” Those epic meals were the inspiration behind this sandwich, and what better way to enjoy such decadent and classic Sunday flavors than to serve them up trencher-style?

Topless sandwiches Open face sandwich Mendocino Farms

Ours features tender braised short ribs in a “Sunday Sauce,” a red wine and tomato gravy with kale and chunky diced mirepoix (a mixture of carrots, onions, celery, and herbs slow-cooked with the meat). We top this succulent stew with a creamy and piquant local horseradish ricotta and “Mendo Krispies,” the golden bits of crispy buttermilk batter also found in our “Not So Fried” Chicken sandwich. Drago Bakery’s soft roll is the ideal vessel to be transformed into a trencher, as a simple “V” cut down into the top readies the fresh bread for its savory filling. Come try this very special Chef’s Pick today, and make sure to grab a fork and extra napkins–this is more than a sandwich, it’s supper!

Trench cut sandwiches Mendocino farms