Mendo in Seattle

A letter from our CEO, Kevin Miles:

Mendo has seen many exciting firsts in our day. Each marks a delicious moment in time that’s helped us connect with more people over a shared love of great food.

There was the very first – what started out as a little corner store in Los Angeles where we honed new spins on classics, served up recipes inspired by the dishes we loved to eat with our families, and learned that a cow with bright blue spots is a great way to catch the eye of hungry passers-by.

The First Mendo Location

(Downtown Los Angeles – our very first location opened in 2005)

Then we opened a second location, proving we could share the magic of Mendo in new places, bringing the same fearless flavors to people who don’t want to settle at mealtime, and never forgetting that happy is the main ingredient in everything we do.

The firsts kept coming as we opened in new neighborhoods around California and introduced ourselves to Texas in Houston and Dallas. This August, we reached another milestone with our 50th Mendocino Farms, and I’m here to tell you: no matter how many times we do it, it doesn’t get any less exciting.

The first TX Mendo

(Rice Village – our first Houston location opened in 2019)

Now, as we approach the opening of our first Pacific Northwest location in the heart of Seattle, we are enjoying the feeling of first day jitters. But at the same time, Seattle is a place that makes us feel right at home.

There’s an effortlessness and ease to Seattle that reminds me of the come-as-you-are ethos our Team Members have when welcoming guests to our spaces.

There’s a history of adventure that speaks to us as culinary explorers. So many food trends trace their heritage to Seattle and were born because someone devoted themselves to the love of their craft.

There’s an approach to wellness that’s refreshing. It means something different to everyone, but many agree it involves getting some good doses of the great outdoors and choosing fresh ingredients when you can.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have friends in the city. As Seattle businesses have added more Californians to their ranks, the request to bring Mendo to this community have been many – and I’m pleased to say, will finally be answered.

Our flagship location will open in South Lake Union in early 2023, with a Rainier Square location soon to follow. We look forward to helping Seattleites fuel the best version of themselves with whole ingredients sourced with care, giving them fresh, flavorful options on the go and an inviting new spot to gather.

To be sure, coming to Seattle is a Mount Rainier-sized first for Mendocino Farms, but it won’t be our last. We hope to be celebrating the opening of our 100th restaurant with you five years from now. Until then (and after), we are grateful for every time you choose to Eat Happy with us. No matter where we go, serving you will always come first.


Kevin Miles, CEO

Kevin Miles, CEO