How did Mendo’s Impossible Taco Salad come about?
A couple of months ago, we ate the best Taco Salad we had ever had on a food tour in Houston. None of us had eaten a Taco Salad from a restaurant in a long time…but, it made us ask ourselves…what is the modern, healthier gourmet version of this fun, indulgent salad?
We started with trying to modernize the ground beef; do we use ground lamb, bison or… do we use the crumbles that are created when they make Impossible Burgers???
We had just met the Impossible Burger team and we were impressed with their plant based burger that was juicy and seemed to even bleed- but, we didn’t think the burger was a good fit for Mendo…we liked their team.
The Impossible team was psyched to want to collaborate with us to use their crumbles to create a healthier plant based like chorizo. We then took the “classic unhealthy” taco salad and turned it into a “healthier modern” vegan version. Instead of fatty ground beef, we are using the spiced Impossible crumbles.
Once we cracked the code on the “ground meat”, we asked ourselves, why not make the entire salad healthier and vegan. So, we created a full flavored ranch dressing from all plant-based ingredients, and removed the fattening tortilla chips or strips that most restaurants would use and substituted them for our superfood krunchies, made of lightly fried quinoa and millet finished with nutritional yeast.
The end result is a modern, healthier version of a classic indulgent salad- we hope you enjoy the Mendofication of a classic!