Mendo is for you, no matter who you are. To us, that means opening our doors every day with the intention of being our neighborhood’s true gathering place, welcoming foodies of all stripes to come together over quality ingredients sourced and prepared with care. No matter your food philosophy, this season we’re helping you come clean and EAT HAPPY!

Read on to learn more about our two new seasonal offerings, which we created with dietary inclusivity in mind.

Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Reuben

Jenny Goldfarb, the namesake of our exclusive new vegetarian reuben, is a native New Yorker and the great granddaughter of a Jewish deli owner. Adopting a more veggie-forward lifestyle didn’t curb her cravings for that perfect deli sandwich, so she invented her own made of clean ingredients like beets, chickpeas, and tomatoes…and Unreal Deli was born! Take a bite, you’ll never taste the difference. Vegans take note! you can easily modify this beauty to be totally dairy-free by asking to leave off the havarti cheese or substituting it for our tomato cayenne Chao vegan cheese (no extra charge).

Keto Club Lettuce Wrap

Is this a remix of a sandwich or a salad? Both! Protein-packed with good fats from avocado and nutrients from broccoli sprouts, our Chef’s keto-friendly innovation gets topped off with a housemade ranch that gets its flavor from fresh herbs and bright pickled veggies instead of sugar. All wrapped up in a portable package, this is a flavorful and filling option that won’t leave you feeling weighed down.

Come give one of our new seasonal innovations a try and let us know what you think!