Our goal is for Mendocino Farms to enrich the lives of all it touches, whether that’s the farms and food artisans we partner with to source ingredients for the menu, the team members we rely upon to provide exceptional hospitality every day, or the guests who choose to seek us out. Every decision we make as a business ties back to each of these stakeholders, and we know our success is proportional to the happiness we bring them. With this philosophy driving our daily operations we believe we can create amazing value for our guests, support other local businesses by inviting our vendors to grow with us in new ways, and develop a strong team of hospitality professionals who derive joy and meaning from their work.


In the hospitality industry our fundamental role is to be of service, and that means continually and proactively thinking of new ways to better serve the interests of our guests, our team members, and our vendors. We could choose to simply open our doors and sell delicious sandwiches, but we know we can do so much more than that. We push ourselves to perform even ordinary tasks at an extraordinary level in every aspect of the business, from menu research and development, to team member training, to manager mentorship, to designing each restaurant to best fit the needs of the community it serves. At Mendocino Farms we choose to open our doors each day with the conviction that even something as simple as a sandwich shop can make a difference in peoples’ lives—that’s why we say that we don’t just sell sandwiches, We Sell Happy.


We strive to constantly stay on the culinary vanguard and push the limits of what a simple sandwich or salad can be, but that’s really just part of the intention behind Mendocino Farms. The larger idea is to create neighborhood gathering places where friends, families, and coworkers can come together over a good meal, and maybe even learn something new about a local farm or a special seasonal ingredient. Conceiving of our sandwich shops as a means to build community helps us to elevate the restaurant into a resource. We hope our guests leave with the feeling that we’ve fulfilled more than just their hunger, and the desire to return for more than just the food.